How to Combat Oral Problems Common in Elderly People

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Oral health affects your quality of life and overall wellbeing. Older adults experience various oral health problems and are more vulnerable than younger generations. However, prompt intervention can help minimize the repercussions of some of these conditions. This piece covers several health problems that are common among the elderly.

Dental Caries

Dental caries occur when food and bacteria permanently damage areas of your teeth. At first, the cavities occur as small holes. These holes can widen without prompt treatment. A cavity is easy to solve as a treatable condition if you get help early enough. However, the bacteria can ruin your teeth and escalate the level of the damage so that it only becomes evident at an advanced age.

Elderly adults are at a greater risk of developing dental carries than kids, thereby requiring immediate treatment. Cavities increase the sensitivity of your teeth and cause pain when you bite. You may also have brown, white, or black staining on the tooth surface. Other symptoms include holes in your teeth, pain when eating cold or warm food, and toothache.

You may not realize as cavities form in your teeth at first, but a dentist can easily recognize such an issue. Regular checkups can help you get the attention you require. Some of the common remedies include fillings, root canals, and crowns. Seeking these treatments early enough can help you avoid losing the tooth.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer occurs when malignant tissue develops in the cheeks, tongue, gum, or other parts of the mouth or throat. This condition is also more common in elderly adults than in younger people. Oral cancer is expected at an advanced age since, like most cancers, it thrives on the damaged cells, which often become cancerous over time.

Doctors can detect oral cancer through screening, especially after witnessing common symptoms, such as lumps inside the mouth, pain, loss of teeth, and colored patches. You may also experience sores on the lips and mouth that fail to heal. Your dentist is an excellent source of information regarding oral cancer, and they can help you determine the causes of the symptoms. 

Surgery is a standard method of treating oral cancer. The operation removes the cancerous lymph nodes or tumors and the surrounding tissue. Your oncologist might also recommend radiotherapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and nutritional interventions. 

Some of these treatments might be intensive and require a recovery program. For example, your doctor can help you deal with post-surgery symptoms and chewing, swallowing, and reconstructive surgery issues. 

Denture Issues

Dentures are essential in replacing teeth, and they are effective when they work correctly. However, ill-fitting dentures are problematic. The dentures rest poorly on your gums and cause pain when they slide around. Such dentures may cause swelling and soreness, making eating and talking difficult. 

The best solution for ill-fitting dentures is to have the dentist adjust them or redesign new comfortable dentures.

Another common issue in this category is denture stomatitis. The common cause of denture stomatitis is yeast, but you may also experience trauma or allergies when wearing dentures. Your dentist can recommend various antifungal agents, enzymes, ultrasonic cleaning, and other tactics to remove yeast. 

You can enjoy good oral health even at an advanced age by seeking dental services to manage the above conditions. At Apollo Dental, we help elderly adults keep a healthy smile by treating and preventing various oral conditions. Contact us today for dignified, first-class dental services. We look forward to seeing you soon and will happily discuss any questions or concerns you have about your dental care. You deserve the best smile, so allow us to provide that to you.

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