Information on Dental Insurance in Rochester, MN

Apollo Dental Center works with many medical and dental insurance companies. Most dental insurance plans allow you to choose your provider. However, the best way to take full advantage of your dental insurance coverage is to choose an in-network dentist.

Please check the information provided by your employer or insurance company to make sure you will receive the maximum benefits allowed for treatment in our office. While many people think dental insurance “covers everything,” most plans have some restrictions, either in the amount they will pay or in the services “covered.” Because we work with hundreds of insurance plans, it is difficult for our staff members to know the details of your plan. We strongly recommend that you review the information provided by your employer or insurance company to become familiar with your plan, and we will make every effort to assist you in understanding your dental benefits.

As an in-network or contracted provider for many dental and medical insurance companies, Apollo Dental has agreed to special pre-determined fees for dental services. In addition, we have agreed not to balance bill for the difference between our fees and the insurance company’s pre-determined or approved fees (excluding annual deductibles and co-insurance amounts). For major dental services, the savings can be significant because “out of network” or non-participating dentists can base your co-insurance amount on their full fee.

Here is an example:
For a crown, which is typically covered at 50% by an insurance company, an in-network or participating dentist might charge a pre-determined insurance fee of $800 for this service. That means the patient is responsible to pay $400 dollars. However, if the patient visits an out of network or non-participating dentist, the fee for the service may cost $1500, which means the patients is responsible for $750. In this example, the patient would save $350 simply by going to an in-network dentist.

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