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Good oral health starts at a young age. From the time a child has their first tooth, they need to be carefully taught how to care for their teeth. A children’s dentist is a valuable ally and resource when caring for your children’s teeth. At Apollo Dental in Rochester, MN, we specialize in pediatric dentistry, and you can trust us to provide high-quality dental care for your children.

We understand that getting children to cooperate at the dentist can be tricky. We have years of experience in providing a calm and safe environment for children to receive dental care.

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist you can trust, consider Apollo Dental.

Our Children’s Dentistry Services

Whether or not a child has a pleasant experience at the dentist can affect their dental experiences and oral health for the rest of their life. At Apollo Dental, we understand how important feeling safe and calm at the dentist is for children. Our pediatric specialists are experienced in dealing with children of all ages and all ability levels.

We provide a variety of solutions to children’s dental anxiety, such as nitrous oxide — aka laughing gas. We also employ dentists and hygienists who have experience with children who have special needs or behavioral issues. If your child struggles with sensory input or has other special needs, you can trust a pediatric specialist at Apollo Dental.

Our waiting room includes a play area so kids can get those extra wiggles out before their appointment.

Our Other Offerings

In addition to general dentistry such as cleanings, we offer more specific treatments unique to kids’ dental needs. For example, sealants can protect your child’s permanent molars from decay. Sometimes, children’s baby teeth don’t get loose and fall out when they should, and our dentists can perform extractions if necessary.

In addition, we affiliate with the nearby Olmsted Medical Center and can offer options for hospital services when necessary.

To learn more or schedule an appointment with a kids’ dentist in Rochester, MN, call Apollo Dental at 507-287-8320.

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