Children’s Dentistry in Rochester, MN


From an early age, children are taught to brush, floss, and otherwise care for their little teeth. And an important part of keeping those pearly whites healthy and strong is going to a children’s dentist.

Trust in Apollo Dental in Rochester, MN to care for your child’s teeth and keep dental diseases at bay. With pediatric dentistry, we focus on early detection, prevention, and treatment, and our friendly team always strives to maintain a comfortable space for our patients, no matter how old they are.

Attentive Children’s Dentistry Services

As a pediatric dentist, we know going to the dentist can be intimidating for any child. Once your child comes into our office, he or she will be given personalized care and treated with kindness and gentleness. Positive experiences at the dentist not only make the situation easier for your child but it also helps him or her develop a lifelong trust in dentists.

To maintain your child’s teeth, we offer a variety of preventive procedures, such as sealants. When necessary, we also have nitrous oxide analgesia, or laughing gas, available to help your child feel more comfortable and relaxed.

We also provide:

  • Behavioral management expertise
  • Service for children with special needs
  • Options for hospital services at Olmsted Medical Center

And whether your child is at our office for a cleaning or treatment, they’re welcome to spend a little time in our play area while they wait.

Dedication to Patients and the Community

Apollo Dental has protected and cleaned little teeth in Rochester, MN since 1996, and we take our job seriously. We aim to help children feel more comfortable caring for their teeth and visiting the dentist. We also take the time to provide educational presentations to schools and parents.

For a dependable, family-friendly kids’ dentist, give us a call at 507-287-8320 and speak to our friendly staff. If you have multiple children that need an exam, we’ll do our best to fit them in together for your convenience.

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