Dental Bridges in Rochester, MN


A lost tooth is not a permanent problem. Several dental treatments enable you to keep your teeth, including dental bridges. If you are interested in a dental bridge, make an appointment to visit the dentists at Apollo Dental Center. If you live in or near Rochester, MN, we can help you make a decision about whether dental bridges are right for you.

How Can Dental Bridges Benefit You?

Dental bridges use a pontic, or artificial tooth, to replace a single lost tooth. The new tooth is anchored to adjacent crowns, natural teeth, or dental implants. The configuration means you can easily replace a lost tooth without undergoing extensive treatment.

A bridge provides several key benefits. For instance, it lowers the cost of tooth replacement, making it a viable option for almost any patient. It easily blends with your natural teeth to maintain your smile. It also restores your ability to speak and bite without the problem of a gap in your teeth. In addition, by closing the gap in your teeth, bridges ensure your teeth stay in position and don’t become crooked.

How Are Dental Bridges Placed?

Once you meet with one of our dentists, he or she can evaluate your mouth and assess whether or not a bridge will work for you. Then, our dentist will examine the space and take pictures and molds to ensure that the new tooth will fit correctly. Finally, the dentist will prepare the adjacent teeth for crowns and then attach the bridge. Follow-up appointments will ensure the bridge fits correctly.

Trust Our Experienced Dentists

Apollo Dental Center has worked with Rochester, MN patients for over 18 years. In that time, we have built a reputation of friendly service and expert dental treatments. When you need to replace a tooth, you can trust us to provide excellent care. Call (507) 287-8320 to schedule a meeting with a dentist today.

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