Oral Surgery in Rochester, MN

Laughing Gas in Dentistry What You Need to Know

Even with the best preventative measures and strictest oral hygiene routines, you can still find yourself in need of oral surgery or a tooth extraction. Whether you have an alignment issue, impacted teeth, or you’ve injured a tooth in an accident, you will need prompt and affordable dental care to avoid further problems. At Apollo Dental Center, we work with you to provide the best care possible.

Our Services

Apollo Dental Center specializes in providing preventative care to residents of Rochester, MN, but we are also prepared to provide oral surgery when necessary. We work hard to ensure your comfort during each oral surgery procedure. We use numbing agents and anesthesia and work with you to create a pain management plan for the days after the surgery.

Don’t worry that oral surgery could affect your smile if you need to get a tooth extracted—we routinely use tooth implants to replace damaged teeth. Not only does this keep your smile whole, but it also keeps the other teeth from shifting and causing further problems.

Inclusive Practices

Oral surgery can get expensive, but we don’t want any of our customers to miss out on necessary procedures because of the price. Since 1996, we’ve met the financial needs of those in the Rochester, MN area by working with insurance companies to keep our prices low, and we now boast partnerships with hundreds of insurance companies. We even work with public programs to provide services to lower-income families.

We highly value the oral health of patients of all ages, and our trained staff members can assist children, the elderly, and those with special needs. You can bring your whole family to us and we’ll treat every member with the utmost care and respect.

Call us at (507) 287-8320 to set up your oral surgery appointment right away.

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