Veneers in Rochester, MN Can Restore Your Smile


Cracked or chipped teeth can happen to anyone. Whether a sports injury to the face causes a tooth to chip or a decay results in a weakened tooth, many Americans deal with less-than-perfect smiles.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: porcelain dental veneers. At Apollo Dental Center, we offer this easy cosmetic treatment to all of our patients in the Rochester, MN area. With just a visit or two, you can restore your cracked, chipped, or discolored tooth to its original, all-natural look.

Veneers Can Transform Your Teeth

When many people think of restoration work, they picture more in-depth treatments like caps, crowns, or braces. Those types of dental appliances have their place, but veneer application is one of the simplest and most transformative cosmetic dental procedures.

Veneers are slim shells usually made of porcelain that conform to the front of your tooth. They come in natural colors so you can match them to the rest of your teeth. Your dentist places a veneer over a damaged or discolored tooth and uses a special cement and laser to hold the veneer in place. The process is quick and painless—you’ll be in and out of our office with a transformed smile in no time.

We Help Your Smile, Family, and Budget

Our dentists aim to give you effective, affordable, non-invasive treatments as much as possible, including simple veneer applications. When you schedule an appointment with our office, we’ll evaluate your smile to see if a veneer will work for you. If so, we’ll take an impression of your tooth to create a veneer that fits you perfectly. Once the veneer is made, we simply bond it to your tooth.

Since 1996, we’ve helped families in Rochester, MN find dental treatments that don’t break their budgets. We’re happy to talk to you about how our services can benefit every single member of your family. Let us help you create a natural, gleaming smile you can be proud of.

To enhance your teeth today, call us at (507) 287-8320.

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