3 Ways in Which Unhealthy Weight and Oral Problems Interconnect

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Your weight and oral health have a strong connection. You need to understand the connection to help you maintain a healthy weight and oral health. Below are three connections between unhealthy weight and poor oral health.

1. Unhealthy Weight and Oral Problems Have Common Causes

Some of the same things that cause weight gain also cause oral health problems. For example, you might experience unhealthy weight gain if you regularly eat unhealthy food. Examples of unhealthy food include many processed and sugary food. These foods are high in calories that the body turns into fat and store in strategic parts.

Sugary or processed foods also feed bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria then multiply and produce acidic byproducts as they feed on sugar and carbohydrates in the mouth. The acidic products then erode your teeth’s enamel. Enamel erosion weakens the teeth and increases their risk of further acid attack, hypersensitivity, and damage from physical trauma.

The bacteria can also attack the soft and connective tissues of the mouth. For example, the bacteria can attack your gums and cause gum disease that can worsen into periodontitis if you don’t get early treatment. In extreme cases of gum disease, bacteria can attack your teeth’s roots, loosen the teeth, and cause teeth loss.

2. Unhealthy Weight Causes Oral Problems

Unhealthy weight gain can cause multiple oral health problems. Discover two ways in which this might happen.


Unhealthy weight triggers inflammation in different parts of the body. The exact relationship is not clear yet. One theory is that inflammation arises since the body’s hormones and metabolism change with excess weight.

Inflammation is the body’s response to infection. Thus, the body sends different chemicals to inflammatory sites to contain the infection. Too many chemicals can damage your gums and the teeth’s attachment to the jawbone.

Blood Sugar

Excess weight gain can also interfere with the transportation of sugar from the blood. The interference can increase blood sugar levels. Increased blood sugar levels can increase oral bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria can attack different parts of the mouth, including the gums.

3. Oral Problems Cause Unhealthy Weight

Unhealthy weight and oral problems are a vicious cycle since one causes the other. Below are some ways oral problems can create weight gain.

Eating Difficulties

A healthy diet is necessary for weight management. For example, you need a good dose of fruits and vegetables every day. However, you might struggle to eat healthy foods if you have painful oral health problems. For example, some healthy foods are difficult to eat with these oral health problems:

  • Jaw problems that make opening and closing the mouth difficult
  • Soft tissue problems, such as canker sores
  • Missing teeth
  • Loose teeth

In such cases, you might resort to soft but unhealthy foods that increase your weight.

Exercise Difficulties

In addition to good nutrition, regular exercise is also necessary to maintain a healthy weight. However, physical exercise is difficult with pain in the body. For example, you might abandon your exercise regime if you have chronic jaw pain, triggering tension headaches, and radiating pain in the neck area.

Sleeping Difficulties

Adequate sleep is also necessary for a healthy weight. However, chronic dental pain makes it difficult to fall and maintain sleep. Chronic sleep problems can lead to excess weight gain.

Preventive dental care is the best dental care since it deals with dental problems before they arise. You should also get prompt treatment for problems that develop despite your preventive measures. Apollo Dental welcomes you to our dental practice for preventive and curative oral care. Contact us for an appointment for all your oral care needs.

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