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Are you experiencing sharp, intense pain in one of your teeth? If so, a cavity has probably reached your tooth’s nerve, which causes that excruciating ache. At Apollo Center, we know how to give you relief. A simple root canal procedure may be all you need to stop the pain completely.

We help people in Rochester, MN and the surrounding areas to have healthy teeth and bright smiles. With help from our wonderful staff, one of our experienced dentists can remove the infection and help your mouth heal quickly.

What Is a Root Canal?

Sometimes tooth decay eats through the protective enamel in a tooth and reaches the sensitive pulp in the interior. The soft pulp and hypersensitive tooth nerve can ache terribly when the cavity extends into the root of the tooth.

To relieve the pain, remove the decay, and prevent further infection, the dentist will carefully clean the tooth and remove any decay. Later, he or she will seal the tooth to prevent any further harm to the tooth.

Many people worry that a root canal procedure will be painful. Our experience is that the procedure is much less painful than the toothache and tooth sensitivity that come from infection. We’ll use local anesthetic to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.

Don’t worry—after a root canal, your smile will look the same, and your pain will leave with the infection.

Relief From Pain Today

If you’re experiencing pain in your mouth, please come see us immediately. You shouldn’t have to live with pain, and we’d like to help you maintain a healthy mouth and feel comfortable.

Please call our Rochester, MN office today at 507-287-8320 to schedule your root canal consultation or to speak with one of our dental staff. We look forward to serving you soon.

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